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Almond Divine Cookies - Chocolate


by Suzanne Kowalski

Date Added: Friday 25 October, 2013

[5 of 5 Stars!]
I am so thankful to have found your company & wonderful products. I have tried several of the cookies & all are good, however I am a chocolate addict & there is nothing chocolate that has ever crossed my 63 year old lips, that has been so "divine" as these chocolate cookies. They have the perfect name & perfect ingredients. They are clearly as healthy as any cookie could be. They are able to satisfy my addiction with just "one" a day. I have never had chocolate anything that satisfied me with just one ! To me that says it is giving my body what it has been craving all these years. I have never eaten one of these cookies & went on to look for something else to "graze" on either, which used to be a big part of my life before finding these delicious cookies. I also now have hope to lose some weight as I am not eating in excess to get my chocolate "fix".
I started looking for gluten free products after hearing how much better some friends felt after going gluten free. These cookies were my 3rd attempt to find a good gluten free cookie. These are beyond good. Also I have noticed, in the past while doing my nightly grazing, that I sometimes got indigestion from whatever chocolate something I had eaten. This would prompt me to eat something else chocolate like ice cream to make the hot or burning sensation go away. With these Almond Divine Chocolate Cookies, not only does my tummy have no distress at all, but I always feel totally satiated. They satisfy beyond desire ! They are my way of ending dinner with the perfect touch. Gluten free seems to be what my body needed for years.
I am impressed with this company & their conscientious creations & when speaking to the customer service by phone, found her very pleasant, helpful & forthcoming. A great company to do business with on many levels.